Geek Gifts

When November comes screaming onto your calendar, it is almost too late to do your holiday shopping. And if you have geeks on your holiday shopping list, you really need to have a lot of options for them without giving all of them the same thing.

So the team has gone searching for the top selling geekery available!

Who doesn’t need a Blue Screen Of Death Tshirt?

Those of us who have been using Windows computers can tell you stories about the Blue Screen Of Death and all of the hard work lost when this appeared. Now, you can reminisce about those days while using your iMac and iPad…

Doctor Who Fan On Your List?

Doctor Who Silicone Tardis and Dalek Ice Cube Molds are a great way to bring the world of Doctor Who into your favorite geeks’ favorite beverages (iced tea, iced coffee, iced water)!

May The Force Be With You

With this Star Wars R2D2 Measuring Cup Set, your friends will be able to relive some epic Star Wars moments in their heads while whipping up their favorite recipes!

Back To Nature Geeks Will Love This!

Imagine a world where the grass is always greener – on your desk! And when you need to write something down, you just pluck a blade of grass from the cup on your desk and behold, it turns into a ball point pen! Grab the latest Creative Stationery Gift, the Grass Blade Leaf Ballpoint Pen!

Dance Dance Dance!

Need a little excitement on your desk? The Guardians Of The Galaxy Dancing Groot will liven things up! Move and groove along with this fun and unique dancing Groot! This plant from another planet will dance along to built-in music “I want you back”. He will also dance to any sounds you make or music you play! You (Your geeks) are sure to have an out of this world experience with this exciting grooving’ Groot!

Mine All MineCraft!

Sometimes it’s just easier to buy the Torch instead of crafting it, especially IRL. So, when you’ve run out of charcoal and wood or just can’t seem to make enough to stop hostile mobs from spawning, get yourself the Minecraft Wall Torch. Place one every 12 blo-feet in your home along the walls and it’ll stop any hostiles from popping up.

Ouch! Did Someone Say Bacon?

Let’s face it, everyone gets owwies and everyone loves bacon. Give the gift that takes the owwies away! BACON shaped Adhesive Bandages! Treat their minor cuts, scrapes and scratches with the incredible healing power of meat. And if a fancy bandage isn’t enough to dry up their tears. The 3″ x 1″ Bacon Strips are cut to look like small slabs of bacon. Fifteen per tin.

Need Some Pi?

Is that Pi in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Introducing Pocket Pi, the instant solution to those arguments about what number resides at the 17th decimal place. This has centimeters on one side and pi on the other. Fun little present for that math aficionado in your life. Nice that it has a small metal loop to attach to a keyring. Pulls out to 400+ digits.